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Thursday, May 31, 2018

Ultimate Movie Night

Just wanted to make sure you were aware of our next Spark* event. Spark* is a series of fun Thursday night events that will explore how we can live lives that make a difference by following Jesus. The Ultimate Movie Night is the next one coming up on June 7th at 6pm and the Parkland Theatre (6550 Parkland Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45233).

The cost will be $10/ person and that includes a small soda and popcorn. If your child wants to buy additional food, that is totally ok and most of their stuff is fairly inexpensive.
We will be watching the movie Napoleon Dynamite and will be talking about "Living Lives that Make a Difference in our Friends" based on the Great Commission in Matthew 25.

Check out the IMDB Parent's Guide for Napoleon Dynamite here.

We are asking all attending to dress like nerds or characters from the movie. There will be prizes awarded. Parents are welcome to stay for the movie ($10/ person) and participate in the costume contest as well. We should be done by 8 pm.

Thursday, May 10, 2018


Hey Parents of High Schoolers,

We are taking sign ups for CIY MOVE now. To sign up, get your parent permission form turned in along with your $400 payment (via Check or BCC App) BEFORE June 3. If you want your teenager to go but don't know that you can swing $400 we do have opportunities available for your teenager to earn some cash towards their trip. Just let me know ASAP. We open this opportunity up to 8th graders on May 20th. So be sure and sign up your high schooler today!

Thursday, May 3, 2018


Get out the sunblock because summer is coming!

There are calendars available at the bcsm Communication Table, but here is a quick overview of what is coming up in bcsm for the next few months.

May 25 @ 7 pm to May 26th @ 7 am- No School = No Sleep All Nighter
     This is a free event, BUT we are asking students to bring $5 for a late-night fast food run.

June 3- Deadline to Sign up for CIY Move
     If you want your high schooler to go to CIY Move we will need your $400 payment and registration forms by this date. 

July 9 to 13- CIY MOVE
August 4 @ 12pm- Woodland Lakes Low Ropes Course
     This will cost $10 per student

Spark* is a fun, weekly outing for high school and jr. high students that will meet most thursday evenings from june 7th thru August 2 @ 6pm. All events are free unless otherwise noted below.
June 7- ultimate movie night- $10
june 14- Pool Party
june 21- Mystery at BCC
june 28- ultimate game night
july 5- thrift store glory- $5
july 12- NO Spark*
July 19- service project
July 26- No Spark*
August 2- Bonfire

Friday, April 13, 2018

Bible Reading Contest

Hey Parents,

Want a fun and easy way to encourage your students to read their Bible on a daily basis?

This week we are starting a Bible reading contest based on our Bible Reading Bookmarks we hand out every week. If you are unfamiliar with the bookmarks, let me briefly explain...

bcsm provides bookmarks, every week, with six chapters of the Bible printed on them (one for each day of the week, except Sunday). These are set up as a way to help your student make a habit of reading the Bible. It takes a slow reader an average of 4 minutes to read a chapter of the Bible. So we are encouraging students to set aside some time, even if it is five to ten minutes a day to get into God's word and talk to Him about it. 

Now, if they do this every week from the time they are a freshman to the time they start college they will have read the gospels twice and the rest Bible once. We try to challenge seniors to read just a little bit more than one chapter a day so if someone started in sixth grade they would read the whole Bible twice and the gospels at least thrice.

The whole reason we do this is because getting into God’s word on a regular basis is an important habit to form... and the best time to form good habits is always now. 

But we recently thought it would not be a bad thing to have a little fun with this, too so we created an old school sticker chart.

1. Every time you read a chapter of the Bible, you earn a sticker for your team (Dudes and Ladies are the teams).
2. Every Sunday you will be given the opportunity to write your name on the bottom of the chart (if you have not already done so) and place your sticker(s) you earned that week in the chart (eg. If you read 2 of the chapters this week, you would put two stickers on the chart, Limit 6 per week per person).
3. This is on the honor system. Don’t lie about reading the Bible. That is just so wrong on so many levels. 
4.  The first team to fill their chart gets a special prize (anybody who placed at least one sticker on the chart is a part of the team and is entitled to a prize) from the special prize division (not just the normal prize division) of Woolworth’s Department Store... because everybody needs a little Woolworth’s. 
5. Participation is not limited to students. 

This is where you come in. What if you encouraged your son or daughter to read the Scriptures on a regular basis by reading what they were reading? What kinds of conversations could you have about the teaching found in Scripture if you both were meditating on the same thing during your personal devotion time? How would it feel to help your child's team win, or, if you are on the opposite team, be the motivation for your student to keep going because they know their mom will get the six stickers for the other side whether they get theirs or not?

Either way, encourage your kids to grab these bookmarks and read the chapters on them. This week's reading is Psalms 7-12.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Advent: Weeks 1 and 2

First off, let me apologize for the lack of updates on this blog for the past couple weeks. As we were talking through the transition I was trying to figure out how we will use this blog going forward and spent much time analyzing what we currently do and what we will do in the future. All of that to say, going forward, starting on Dec 31 your teenagers will be learning and talking about similar things to what is being taught from the stage on Sunday morning. Our high school small group, starting the week of Jan 21, will follow the same curriculum as the adult small group. But we still want to give you valuable resources and ways to engage your teens in conversations of spiritual significance. So we will keep this going and feed you questions to ask or talk about over dinner or on the way to practice, etc.

Anyway, the past 2 weeks in bcsm we have talked about Advent being a season of preparing and lights. We talked about the prophets preparing the way for Jesus to come and Jesus being the light of the world.

The biggest questions that came out of these lessons were:
1. How do you prepare yourself to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas?
2. How can you take the light of Jesus to the people around you?

Maybe talk to your student about how you do these things and either link this to a standard family tradition of yours or come up with a new tradition based around preparing for Christmas' true meaning.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Letter to bcsm Parents

By this time you have no doubt heard that starting at the beginning of the year, things at BCC will look a little different. If you have not, let me give you a simple rundown of the impending changes. If you have already heard, just skip the next two paragraphs.

About 6 months back the Elders and Staff entered into an intense discussion about where we as a church body go from here. We felt like we built a good foundation for the future of ministry here in this place, but the question was, “What do we build on the foundation?”

The answer is, really, we become more of who we wanted to be all along. Our mission is to love our community and invite them into a life-changing relationship with Jesus. While we feel like we have really strengthened the people inside of our church, we did not think we were really bringing people in from the outside effectively. So the Elders put every program and ministry under the microscope to figure out how we can do that better. As a result, they decided the Sunday morning service needed to change a bit and asked me to head up the song service piece.

I am sure you all have your own questions and concerns as to what this might mean for the youth ministry. Let me assure you, we are not letting the teenagers fall through the cracks. In fact, quite the opposite is happening.

We feel like our church will be most successful if we can create a worship service that appeals to teenagers and adults alike. So as I lead worship over the next year we will be changing our song service to more closely reflect the ways in which teenagers like to worship. In order to make sure we are hitting the mark, we need the teenagers in the service and giving us feedback. So Sunday mornings we will have all jr. highers and high schoolers meet up front in the sanctuary. They will worship and take communion with the whole church. Then the Jr. Highers will be dismissed into the bcsm classroom where they will receive an age appropriate lesson based off of the sermon that Nathan will be preaching. The high schoolers will be asked to stay in the service for the duration.

I know that in the past we have had some parents say that teenagers just don’t like the service so it is hard to get them to go to church in the morning or even into the service. While I understand that sentiment, I wonder if the same argument would be made for keeping a teenager from getting their education. I don’t hear parents saying, “My kid doesn’t like math so I don’t make him/her do it.” In the grand scheme of things, the stuff we discuss in church is far more important than arithmetic.

So if your teens don’t like it, ask them why. Have a conversation. Lead them by saying something like, “I understand your concerns. Let’s go find a time when we can talk to Eric or Nathan or the leadership of the church and ask why we do things this particular way. They may not change the way they do things, but if you just complain to me nothing can or will be done about it and you will still have to go to church.” This shows them the high value you place on being a part of a local congregation, how vital it is to your life-changing relationship with Jesus, and how important you think it is to have open lines of communication. That is the only way we can grow together as a church.

Also bcsm is working hard to ensure there are plenty of opportunities for your student to engage outside of Sunday morning. We will have our small groups up and running, the New Years Party, the Winter Games 2018 in January, Ignite for the High Schoolers, Believe for the Jr. Highers and a bunch of other things happening.

I know this is a lot to process. If you have any concerns or questions about this new system, please let me know. I would love to talk with you about all this stuff.  


Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Connection Service

Hey all!

Hopefully you were here for the Connection Service and heard the message that to Shepherd like the Chief Shepherd, to become more like Jesus, we must be humble. Talk to your teenagers about humility. Ask them what they think that word means. Share with them some ways that you have seen them exhibit humility and encourage them to continue in that.

Reading For This Week:
Mon- Isaiah 2
Tues- Isaiah 3
Wed- Isaiah 4
Thurs- Isaiah 5
Fri- Isaiah 6
Sat- Isaiah 7